This site is dedicated to information about boxing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, especially focusing on the ways in which its historical significance interacts with today’s club sport on campus.

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HISTORY – Visit this page to view a graphic timeline of boxing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

BOXING IS BORN – Here is a personal audio story from current boxing club coach Bob Lynch who recalls the popular birth and rise of boxing as a sport. Additionally, take a peek at a text layout feature about Lynch’s personal boxing story also linked on this page.

THE FIGHT – This long-form text piece is the heart and soul of the site. The article gives a nod to boxing’s historical significance at Wisconsin, while carefully narrating the complex process that Badger sophomore Chandler Davis endured to bring the sport back to life.

PEEK AT PRACTICE – Interested in what boxing looks like as a UW-Madison club sport? Badger senior Edward Stillwell walks through a practice by way of an audio slideshow.

SPARRING SAFETY – Learn more here about the risks and precautions associated with boxing.


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  1. Hi Meagan,
    I am setting up a site for Bob Lynch’s boxing foundation. I came across a couple of great shots you took of Bob coaching over there at UW. I’d like to use 2 of them on his site.

    I want to use part of 0352 for the Header shot and 0375 for his bio page.

    May we have your permission with attribution and links to your sites? You can see what I wrote on Bob’s page.

    The rest of the site is password protected until the foundation’s board approves it, but I left Bob’s page public for you to see.

    I wrote you at your email address. Sorry to be a bother but I’d like the site up for the fights this weekend.

    Thanks, Paul Sullivan
    you can email me at paulebm at hotmail com


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